Monday, June 26, 2017

Fill Your Cups: Nature... it does the body, mind and soul GOOD!

In this video... Lea talks about the power of taking the time to connect with nature so that you can show up as your best possible self everyday.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hey everyone! I know it's been QUITE some time since I last posted anything on this blog. As I prepare to return home from my 6 month deployment... I'm getting back into the swing of things.
I've got lots of potential challenges on the horizon (returning from deployment, moving out of my house, renting my house, moving across country, etc...) ... but I am determined to have it all work out just as it should!

I've set a date! I'll be competing in the WBFF New England Championships on 5 Nov! I'm so excited, I've already had a seamstress start on my costume! I'll be saluting my Navy brothers and sisters in arms this time. So far, it's coming out GREAT!

In addition to getting back on board with this blog, I'm also updating my website, I created a FB fanpage, and much much more! Stay tuned as it all comes together!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The next challenge


Oh yeah baby! Go big or go home!!!! Next challenge up... The inaugural Rock-n-Roll Mardi Gras Marathon on 28 Feb in New Orleans!!!

I've already started training. My first run was with my brother on Thanksgiving day! I'm soooo proud of him! He ran 6 miles with me and never quit! Now he's thinking about training for a half iron man in May 2010!!! The weather here has been crappy the last few days... but I will definitely be putting in some mileage this weekend!

Stay tuned for updates on my marathon training and more!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


So there I was... on an AMAZING ride between Navarre Beach and Penascola Beach. Beautiful day... sun shining... nice light breeze... cruisin at 20+mph (pretty fast for me)... pushing my hardest! So I reached down to grab a sip of water... when all of a sudden I hit a rock! Swerved into the road... then swerved back to the bike path and laid the bike right down.

I bit it hard!!!! Road rash!!!

The good news is that I remembered... In life when u fall you have 2 choices. You can sit and cry and dwell on the pain. Or you can stand up... Brush off... Make sure everything is working... And get back on leaving the pain (and in this case... Embarassement) behind you. Looking only straight ahead to see what's next.

I'm grateful that I now lead a lifestyle that has made me strong, empowered, and healthy so that I see those options... And can choose to get on the bike again. I'm even more grateful that I have friends and family that will help me get up if I can't muster the strength to do it on my own. ;0)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Wow... It's been Soooo long!!

2 Oct - 140 lbs

Sorry it's been so long since I've written an update.
Going back to work has taken it's toll on my internet time!
Stupid Air Force... actually BLOCKS access! : )

Luckily... going back to work hasn't hindered my workouts at all.
If anything... I'm dialing it in even more!
Monday I've got a PT Test even! So be on the lookout for those results.

I've been riding a few times a week on the new bike my dad bought me.
Special mention: BRODY NEWMAN (my brother)
He's started riding too!
I'm soooo proud of him!
He's even been riding on his own!
For comic relief, I'm attaching my dorky "safety" picture! He he he

Tmrw morning I'm going to interview/audition to be a BodyPump instructor.
I used to LOVE teaching this class. It's a GREAT full body workout in only one hour!
It uses a barbell with weights that YOU choose, an aerobics step, great music and some sweat to give you a killer workout.
If you haven't already... give it a try! You'll LOVE it!

So folks... we are officially 7 weeks from the show!
Honestly, I'm REALLY excited and incredibly nervous.
I FEEL amazing... but in no way do I feel like I'm ready for a show!
For the love!!! I'm still 140!!
However... my trainer... the AMAZING Cathy Savage insists that I'm right on track.
X your fingers for me!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

No more SWOLE left in the gym!!!!

What a GREAT workout tonight?!!!!

As usual... I was procrastinating going to the gym.
In my defense I got A LOT done today.
I went to talk to my cousin's Special Ed class (they sent me cards while I was in Iraq)...
and the JROTC class at his school (they sent me 11 boxes while I was over there) to say thanks.
On the way back I hit up an AMAZING fruit stand and spent $30 on fruits and veggies. YUMM-O!
Then went grocery shopping for the rest.

I got greek yogurt. I've never tried it before...
and I gotta say... So creamy and smooth!

Then I finally got off my butt and hit the Hurlburt Field gym.
As usual ... the ONLY girl in there.
Then 40 min on the treadmill at 12% incline... doing my little thing I do...
turning around to walk backwards... skipping... hopping... kareokes... side shuffles...
I'm sure it looks ridiculous... but it's alot of fun and it GETS MY HEART PUMPING!!!

I'm beat... time for bed.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Another AMAZING ride this morning...
20 miles in 1:10! Yahoo!
Felt fantastic!

An hour on the bike gives you time to think about things...
I usually take the time to think about all the things I am grateful for:
My incredibly supportive family (to include my Lola)
The countless people I am lucky enough to call my friends
My health
The PHYSICAL ABILITY to go on such an amazing ride
The beauty of nature
The gift of sight to be able to see such an incredible landscape with all it's colors
The wind on my face
The sun shining overhead
The exciting roller-coaster ride of life itself
The JOY of fitness........

And so much more!

I am grateful!