Friday, October 2, 2009

Wow... It's been Soooo long!!

2 Oct - 140 lbs

Sorry it's been so long since I've written an update.
Going back to work has taken it's toll on my internet time!
Stupid Air Force... actually BLOCKS access! : )

Luckily... going back to work hasn't hindered my workouts at all.
If anything... I'm dialing it in even more!
Monday I've got a PT Test even! So be on the lookout for those results.

I've been riding a few times a week on the new bike my dad bought me.
Special mention: BRODY NEWMAN (my brother)
He's started riding too!
I'm soooo proud of him!
He's even been riding on his own!
For comic relief, I'm attaching my dorky "safety" picture! He he he

Tmrw morning I'm going to interview/audition to be a BodyPump instructor.
I used to LOVE teaching this class. It's a GREAT full body workout in only one hour!
It uses a barbell with weights that YOU choose, an aerobics step, great music and some sweat to give you a killer workout.
If you haven't already... give it a try! You'll LOVE it!

So folks... we are officially 7 weeks from the show!
Honestly, I'm REALLY excited and incredibly nervous.
I FEEL amazing... but in no way do I feel like I'm ready for a show!
For the love!!! I'm still 140!!
However... my trainer... the AMAZING Cathy Savage insists that I'm right on track.
X your fingers for me!

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