Sunday, October 18, 2009


So there I was... on an AMAZING ride between Navarre Beach and Penascola Beach. Beautiful day... sun shining... nice light breeze... cruisin at 20+mph (pretty fast for me)... pushing my hardest! So I reached down to grab a sip of water... when all of a sudden I hit a rock! Swerved into the road... then swerved back to the bike path and laid the bike right down.

I bit it hard!!!! Road rash!!!

The good news is that I remembered... In life when u fall you have 2 choices. You can sit and cry and dwell on the pain. Or you can stand up... Brush off... Make sure everything is working... And get back on leaving the pain (and in this case... Embarassement) behind you. Looking only straight ahead to see what's next.

I'm grateful that I now lead a lifestyle that has made me strong, empowered, and healthy so that I see those options... And can choose to get on the bike again. I'm even more grateful that I have friends and family that will help me get up if I can't muster the strength to do it on my own. ;0)

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