Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sep 2 - 141 lbs

I've pretty much been gone this whole year up until last week. I was preparing to go... or actually IN... Iraq. While I was away I kept up my training schedule... but good nutrition was hard to come by. Since leaving Iraq... I've already lost 6 lbs! I'm down to 141... but will need to get down to 120 ish (or less) for competition on 20 Nov in Las Vegas.

My plan of action:
Cardio - My dad and step mom bought me a new road bike (seen right) as a welcome home gift... so I've been riding the heck out of that. I'm also easing myself back into running (I've had plantar faciitis pretty bad for the last 4 months). I'm REALLY looking forward to teaching step aerobics and SPIN class again too.
Training/Nutrition - My trainer, the famous Cathy Savage herself, has accepted me into her specialized TLC program where I work one-on-one with the master herself!

Wish me luck!


  1. Hi Leah. I am a Savage girl, been with CSF for over 4 years, and am friends with Carrie. Just wannted to introduce myself and welcome you to blogging. I'll be reading along and will see you in Vegas in November! Take care.

  2. Lea-thats Navarre Beach right ;) I need a road bike I LOVE to bike. There is a group on Ranger Camp Road.

    This is great for accountability for sure!!