Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back on track

When I first started competing back in 2005... I wrote a blog just like this one... as a means of sharing my story with others. It helped me by keeping my accountable. By documenting my progress and sharing my trials and tribulations during the training process, I found that not only did it help me vent my frustrations with my learning process... but it surprisingly had a great benefit of encouraging and motivating others! I'm here to do all of those things again! Additinoally... when I'm in competition shape... or even close to it... people assume that I've always been that way... that it comes easily. Part of this is to show that it really is a lot of work. The key is to make it something that you enjoy and look forward to everyday.. and then... it isn't as hard as you think! I want to be this girl again... this was when I was most confident, most comfortable in my own skin, and most importantly... the healthiest I've ever been in my life. I FELT GREAT! This is the beginning of my quest to achieve that once more.

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